I was never good at first blog posts and even worse at the last ones. All the previous attempts to get some writing going suffered from the lack of my attention and slowly died, just like that hamster I had as a kid… Damn, why did I have to remember the hamster now?

Pet tragedies aside, I feel pretty confident that this time it all be different. I’ve already wasted enough of my life by starting and not finishing web projects, mobile applications and it took me 3 years to get Crisp Bacon close to completion. I’ll kick a corner of some furniture with my little finger or, even worse, voluntarily step on a Lego brick, if I lose it again.

And, thanks to #gamedev,  this time I don’t feel alone.

Last 3 months were pretty crazy… Those, who know my general opinion on “Flappy Bird” clones, might be surprised, but it was all that flappy craze with it’s 50k/day and overpriced iPhones on eBay, what kicked me in the ass, asked “Is there any reason why that couldn’t be your game?” and forced to open Eclipse again. And, may Spaghetti Monster be my witness, I rarely closed it during all that time, since it being closed answers rhetorical question above.

Last month was crazy too. The Most Important Crisp Bacon Update with brand new almost everything reached the Google Play and was greeted… not in a way I expected it to be. All nighters and a deadly amount of coffee created an illusion that, while I work hard as hell to make it happen, the all world is refreshing their browsers to check if there’s an update already. Well, apparently, world had enough of [running] games and you have to shove your creation, no matter how good, in it’s face to force it at least have a bite. Unfortunately, I can only shove things in to my own face. Macaroni with tuna, yum yum. 

This weekend was the craziest. Piggy got a “player hook” update with all that competitive jazz like leaderboards, achievements & statistics, so I can finally see them actually playing. Motivation++. Then, the most awesome Pete did a small interview with me (my interview virginity… all gone..), which made me feel like a little star. All those retweets! Motivation++.  Those increments were enough to gather all my courage and post in /r/android. I had created a thread there 2 years ago, so the idea was to do an update and hope to not be downvoted to hell. After 2 hours of it being stuck in a moderation queue and me furiously mashing “F5” it appeared and slowly, but steady, crawled to the first page of the subreddit. As the crowd there is pretty picky, when it comes to their games, I got a lot of valuable feedback, ideas and enough work fixing&tweaking for a couple of weeks. Best thing? No complaints about gameplay. Icon of a button I can fix, but I couldn’t fix what I feel is the way it should be. Motivation ++.

So here I am. All full of hope that on April 14th, 2015 I will be here again, but writing a much different post.

*raises a cup of tea* 

Cheers, friends and thank you for all the support! Let’s continue to help each other and create something magical!


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17 Responses to #gamedev

  1. Hey! I enjoyed reading your post. It encouraged me to start one about gaming :P
    I played your game and it was fun. Had some difficulty playing but no probs!
    I’ll send the link to the vid as soon as I can.


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  3. Dima says:

    Hey :) Nice post.

    I’m sorry, but your site misses an “about” section, so I cannot start my comment from your name :) Any way, my name is Dima and I’m an indie game developer from Vilnius. My linkedIn profile – lt.linkedin.com/in/demenchoock/ and my fb is http://www.facebook.com/dima.choock
    Let’s get in touch :)


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