One Game a Month ideas

As a gamedev imagination exercise I tried to think of game ideas for One Game a Month  challenge themes. They’re not supposed to be original or ground-breaking and I haven’t checked if such games already exist, but it was a fun to force myself think of something beyond “running game”.

If you like any of them, feel free adapt and use for your own project! Just don’t forget to tweet me or post about it in the comments below. Do the same if you know an already submitted game based on these ideas. It would be very interesting to see and try it out!


A platformer with levels filled with Indiana Jones-esque traps and a closing gate at the end of it to crawl/roll/dash or slide through. Character speed increases by close-call dodging obstacles.


You play as a character with powers similar to Rogue of X-men to sneak up on unsuspecting enemies, touch them to absorb their powers and kill them with newly obtained abilities.


Physics game where you control a spring character to bounce objects around the screen. Keep smaller objects in air until you gain enough strength to absorb them and get points depending on the amount of bounces & object weight. Avoid getting crushed by the heavier ones!


Farmwille on steroids – fast paced arcade mini-game (best suitable for mobile), where you have a couple of plants and try to satisfy their needs by drag-n-dropping water, fertilizers, various tools or sunbeams and get a perfect produce, which you then drop to “shop” to sell and buy items to make your gardening easier. Organic produce grows slower, but has a higher price.

Metal & Sound

You’re an aspiring heavy metal player, who has to keep practicing his sweet electric guitar riffs, while pushing back angry grannies with waves of sound & dodging policemen trying to stop you from disturbing the peace.


A mix of inverted tower defense & transport tycoon, where you look for safest and fastest routes from the ant farm to a candy. Avoid birds, deadly beams from magnifying glasses of some evil kids. Halt routes, when there’s a danger of people stepping on your workers. Fight enemy bugs or even other ant farms to get to the candy first. Mmm. Candy.

Change & Money

A zombie fighting game, where zombies are actually bums and you fight them back by  throwing coins either directly at them or further away as a distraction. Bonus mechanic could be running between AMT and hot-dog/newspaper stands to exchange money and replenish your ammo and health.

Frozen & Candy

You’re a primary school teacher running around and shutting the mouths of kids, who start singing “Let it go”, with a candy.


You’re a kitten left alone at home. Use your destructive kitten powers to cause as much damage as possible until owners get back.

Respawn & Loops

An “Groundhog day” game, where you’re stuck in a single location and have to find a way to kill your character and cause a change in the next iteration to finally reach the grim end, where killing your character ends the loop and he doesn’t respawn anymore.


A “Pandemic”/ “Papers, please” spin-off, where you have to infect communities with false rumors by revealing them to NPCs chosen by their personality traits.

Neon & Sound

Your character is participating in a rave. Shake those glow sticks to a rhythm of some crazy German techno music! Use drugs to unlock more moves. Impress girls with short leather skirts and high-heel boots. Mmm… I need to play this in reality.

Water & Educational

A tycoon mini-game, where you own a pharmacy store specializing in homeopathic drugs. Buy medicine, dilute it & sell. Be responsible for the health complications/deaths of as many customers as possible.

I left “philosophy” & “hexagons” themes untouched, since they didn’t ring any interesting bells.


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