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“Unknown issue with Google Play Services” using GameMaker extension

If you’re trying to use Google Play Service extension from GameMaker’s marketplace you might meet a mysterious error “Unknown issue with Google Play services” in your path. I had no success with Google results, but good people in the extension … Continue reading

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Confetti particle effect in GameMaker

Since Ben was interested, here’s the confetti particle effect I used in Bunny Goes Boom. Nothing magical, just some colorful and wiggly rectangles. Here’s a sprite I used for this particular demo.

Here’s the final result. Added another almost … Continue reading

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My Sweet 2014: first year with game development

This is a draft post. I will finish it one day. Well, this is awkward. I planned this blog post from the December, but writing it never got a higher priority over whatever procrastinate-ish activity I was up to. But time … Continue reading

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Making GIFs of your game

As wise men say, “A good GIF of your game speaks louder than hundreds of screenshots” and while dealing with audiences with short attention spans you need strong visual hook to punch a viewer in the face with all the awesomeness your game has. Continue reading

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GameMaker 1.3+ and low Android performance

Switching off surfaces in GameMaker 1.3+ to increase performance in low-end Android devices. Spoiler alert: application_surface_enable(false); Continue reading

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Reddit’s 10% guideline – a shadowban trap for excited gamedevs

I’d like to shine more light on that 10% thing, since there are quite a few aspects of it, which worry me and should worry you a lot. Continue reading

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TAGJam14 aftermath

So, this thing called The Arbitrary Gamejam 14 happened a couple of days ago and, thanks to a weird drive and rescue game, I happened to be a host of it. Continue reading

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Twitter, meet Reddit

I’m going to show your way to the magical place of opportunities, which is, but usually isn’t, Reddit. I hope that was enough of a disclaimer for you to realize that everything you’re going to read should be taken with a grain of salt. Continue reading

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One Game a Month ideas

As a gamedev imagination exercise I tried to think of game ideas for One Game a Month challenge themes. They’re not supposed to be original or ground-breaking and I haven’t checked if such games already exist, but it was a fun to force myself think of something beyond “running game”. Continue reading

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How to train your Bacon

I stopped, thought about it and counted the different ways my piggly character can use actions, environment and power ups to get through that part. Continue reading

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