Cave Blast

Cute characters shooting crazy weapons at weird enemies

Little piglet is stuck in a mysterious cave only with his jetpack and mighty pistol. Help it survive for as long as possible while fighting hordes of evil monsters, collecting powerups and various crazy weapons.

This game is in active development, so nothing is final and everything, what is fun, will be multiplied. That means more weapons, more game modes, more cute characters and, surely, much more enemies.

Bullet walls to kill walls of cave monsters!
Launch bees at your enemies!
Hey, fruit bat, do you like the taste of banana cluster bomb?


  • Fast and chaotic shooting action
  • Multiple hilarious weapons
  • Powerful upgrades
  • Walls of bullets!
  • Potato mini-boss
  • Hats (with promises of many more hats)
  • Genre
  • Shoot'em Up
  • Developer
  • SnoutUp, Lithuania
  • Most fun thing to do
  • Launching banana cluster grenades at clumped up enemies
  • Craziest Weapon
  • Meat grinder shooting bacon beams
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