Iron Snout

How many wolves can one piglet beat?

Get your hooves ready, kung-fu piglet – it’s time to kick some wolf snout! Fight off your enemies to prove that you’re not another slice of bacon in the pan!

Looking for game art you could use in your video? Head to this Imgur album. There are a couple of transparent high quality images waiting for you there. You're also free to monetize the content related to Iron Snout you make.

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Looking for bacon in the wrong place, wolves!
That granny wolf doesn't know what hit it
Knocking off heads and taking names


  • Endless fast-paced action-packed hoof-based combat
  • Movie-like fighting combos
  • Very easy and super responsive controls
  • Charming cartoony graphics
  • Use enemy weapon as your weapon
  • Use enemy as your weapon
  • Use enemy parts as your weapon
  • Use your hooves as the deadliest weapon of all
  • Genre
  • Arcade Wolf Fighting
  • Developer
  • SnoutUp, Lithuania
  • Most fun thing to do
  • Killing wolves with their body parts!
  • Art for video creators
  • Imgur album
  • Wolves with antlers?
  • Lazy leftover Christmas decoration
  • Privacy policy

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