Ninja Shurican

Deathliest rage game with deadliest ninja!

Get a taste of an adventurous ninja life by dodging moving traps, getting past difficult obstacles and fighting forces of evil!

Slash those pesky demons!
Die a lot and jump back in to battle!
Use traps to kill enemies!


  • Tons of hand-made levels of varied difficulty
  • Single finger controls
  • Rewarding deaths and quick level restart
  • Unlockable characters
  • Different weapons with different mechanics
  • Evil demonic enemies
  • Genre
  • Flap, dodge and fight
  • Developer
  • SnoutUp, Lithuania
  • Most fun thing to do
  • Double kills and shuriken snipes
  • Most frequent review
  • 'I thought that Shurican is another Flappy Bird clone, but it was surprisngly fun!'
  • Biggest mystery
  • Did developer mistyped 'shuriken'?
  • Privacy policy

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