Better show_debug_message() function for GameMaker debugging

I am one of those developers, whose main tool for debugging is print messages sprinkled all over the code, so wrapping GameMaker’s show_debug_message() in something short and sweet like Log() is a must. However, I started running into situations where Log(variable) would not be informative enough for me to quickly figure out where it was called from, so I decided to buff my main debugging function with options to print out call stack and context.

In the end, it looked something like this…

/// @function       Log(_msg, _debug, _index, _depth = 3)
/// @description	Print a nice and informative debug message with callstack
/// @param      	_msg Message to print
/// @param			[_debug] Print callstack or not
/// @param			[_index] Print object index
/// @param			[_depth] Callstack depth
function Log(_msg, _debug = false, _index = false, _depth = 3) {
	var _string = string(_msg);
	if (_debug) {
		var _stack = debug_get_callstack(_depth);
		for (var i = 1; i < len(_stack) - 1; i++) {
			_string = string_replace(_stack[i], "gml_Script_", "") + " -> " + _string;
	if (_index && !is_struct(self)) {
		_string =  object_get_name(object_index) + ": " + _string;

Which would result in a pretty informative console output as shown below.

Config: gml_Object_Config_Other_62:8 -> TranslationParseKeyData:98 -> Lines: 6

Readability could be improved by placing call stack function names in separate lines, but personally I prefer to see more information without scrolling.

Hope it will be useful to you and let me know if you have any ideas on how I could improve it further!

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