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Using Inkscape to prepare game screenshots for iTunes

Setting up store pages is one of the most tedious tasks of game development and iTunes is infamous for all the burning hoops one must jump through to get things right. Creating screenshots for your iOS game release can be … Continue reading

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Making GIFs of your game

As wise men say, “A good GIF of your game speaks louder than hundreds of screenshots” and while dealing with audiences with short attention spans you need strong visual hook to punch a viewer in the face with all the awesomeness your game has. Continue reading

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Reddit’s 10% guideline – a shadowban trap for excited gamedevs

I’d like to shine more light on that 10% thing, since there are quite a few aspects of it, which worry me and should worry you a lot. Continue reading

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Twitter, meet Reddit

I’m going to show your way to the magical place of opportunities, which is, but usually isn’t, Reddit. I hope that was enough of a disclaimer for you to realize that everything you’re going to read should be taken with a grain of salt. Continue reading

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