Crisp Bacon feedback overview

This weekend I’ve made a couple of posts in Reddit (/r/android & /r/androidgaming), which were pretty well accepted and, most important, got a lot of valuable feedback. I will now review a larger portion of it and present it in a form of to-do list.

As I’ve mentioned before, I am really happy that there were close to none complaints about the gameplay. It is possible that people are just being nice to appropriate the work more than a result, but for now lets keep that thought in a dark corner of my pessimistic mind.

In-game UI changes

  • switch red “X” button to something friendlier and better reflecting it’s behavior (“back”or “level list”)
  • add “Next level” button. This might be a bit tricky with all that “buy level for in-game currency” thing going on, but levels are cheap, acorns are plenty and their spending does not influence “Acornllionaires” leaderboard, so, hopefully, users won’t mind if I “buy” those levels without asking.
  • add “Pause” button. Not sure about positioning yet, maybe a little “||” icon near the timer would suffice.

Level select screen

  • Improve the way how dialogs are displayed. It was silly of me to add a semi transparent background over the existing UI making it still visible. Confusing. Maybe I should add a small “dialog” icon on a “play” button to indicate that dialog will be displayed before the start of gameplay.
  • Make green level items stand out more in green background. Another silly mistake.
  • Add a settings option to allow user start level after taping on the already selected level

Start-up screen

  • Make it look nice and pretty. Or, you know, leave it ugly¬†to keep the expectations low. Maybe I should add a¬†interstitial on launch to keep them even lower…
  • Small screenshot-like tutorial to display at first launch of the game. Some people just don’t expect double jump, apparently.


  • There’s something seriously wrong with HUD drawing, which causes 2-3ms increase in total drawing time. Investigate & destroy. Or add a simplified HUD option.
  • add an option to disable drawing of map decorations.


  • Game crashes because of state conflicts in Google Play Game Services. Not sure how, but this needs to be resolved.
  • Dive action used at exact moment “pepper” powerup effect ends causes piglet to “crawl” in mid-air.
  • No one mentioned it, but I think bees really should “drop” piglet if they attack him in the climbing state. Just to bee more annoying.


  • Create at least a couple of levels (with leaderboards)
  • Dialogs… Dialogs…
  • Create at least one new challenge
  • Add that sweet new soundtrack for hardcore difficulty (will make it optional, tho)


  • Add a simple “share” button in the start screen
  • Add an option to share any item from the statistics screen

So, not trying to cheat myself that I’ll manage all of this today and setting up an elastic deadline for Friday.

If you have played the game and I forgot to add something, what we talked about or we did not talk about it yet, do post it either in the comments or Twitter.


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