Confetti particle effect in GameMaker

Since Ben was interested, here’s the confetti particle effect I used in Bunny Goes Boom. Nothing magical, just some colorful and wiggly rectangles.

Here’s a sprite I used for this particular demo.


/// Prepare The Confetti
/// Test room is set to 60FPS

// Create Particle System
global.particles        = part_system_create();

// Create Confetti Particle Type
global.partTypeConfetti = part_type_create();

// Set random (randomizes image_index) to TRUE here
part_type_sprite(global.partTypeConfetti, sprite_confetti, false, false, true); 

// Add some image_angle wiggle (45)
part_type_orientation(global.partTypeConfetti, 0, 360, 0, 45, 0);
// Depending on case of usage, add downwards gravity
// Change values for wind or top-down camera
part_type_gravity(global.partTypeConfetti, 0.3, 270);
// Spread, spread it wide. Some direction wiggle doesn't hurt too.
// Our rectangles are wiggly after all.
part_type_direction(global.partTypeConfetti, 0, 360, 0, 30);
// Movement speed and deceleration 
part_type_speed(global.partTypeConfetti, 5, 6, -0.3, 0);

part_type_size(global.partTypeConfetti, 0.2, 0.3, 0, 0);
part_type_life(global.partTypeConfetti, 30, 60);

Here’s the final result. Added another almost identical confetti effect (don’t forget that you can do that and it can make a world of difference) and a ripple. Everything is in the demo project below.


GameMaker:Studio project ZIP:

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