“Unknown issue with Google Play Services” using GameMaker extension

If you’re trying to use Google Play Service extension from GameMaker’s marketplace you might meet a mysterious error “Unknown issue with Google Play services” in your path.


I had no success with Google results, but good people in the extension review section pointed to the solution – enabling Google Drive API in Google Console. Don’t forget to choose the right project in the top bar of the page, go to “Overview”, click “Drive API” and then “Enable” button. Error should go away after clean restart of the application.

Hopefully this helps and maybe YoYo will add a note to the description of extension about this.

Thanks for Atilla & Felipe for the solution!

Damian Komorowski (@Threef) pointed me an actual solution in this tweet.
Looking in the code of GooglePlayServicesExtension.java (line 97) you can find this block commented in a very weird way:

if( bCloudEnable )
    //These are needed if you are using the cloud saving functionality, if you have them in & do not have save games enabled in your google developer console for your game, you won't be able to log
    // in to google play services...
    Log.i("yoyo","Adding Google Drive API for cloud saving");

To fix it, just uncomment the brackets. Enabling Google Drive API is easier (especially if you have multiple projects) but this is more straightforward. Hopefully YoYoGames will fix this soon with next extension update.

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  1. Sounds like you’ve actually gotten this to work. I’m stuck. I keep getting the error in the log I’m trying to use cloud sync or save without being logged in for the service. What am I missing? I’ve got the apis enabled on the Google console for this app id.
    Sooooo close!

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