Crisp Bacon translations

Hello and thank you for helping me out! Hopefully, you don’t mind that I’m using blog post for this, it’s easier to share this way and I really like writing in the new WordPress UI.

Send me your translation using whatever channel you prefer. Posting as a comment under this entry works too!

URL (if you need more info on the game):

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Crisp Bacon feedback overview

This weekend I’ve made a couple of posts in Reddit (/r/android & /r/androidgaming), which were pretty well accepted and, most important, got a lot of valuable feedback. I will now review a larger portion of it and present it in a form of to-do list.

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I was never good at first blog posts and even worse at the last ones. All the previous attempts to get some writing going suffered from the lack of my attention and slowly died, just like that hamster I had as a kid… Damn, why did I have to remember the hamster now?

Pet tragedies aside, I feel pretty confident that this time it all be different. I’ve already wasted enough of my life by starting and not finishing web projects, mobile applications and it took me 3 years to get Crisp Bacon close to completion. I’ll kick a corner of some furniture with my little finger or, even worse, voluntarily step on a Lego brick, if I lose it again.

And, thanks to #gamedev,  this time I don’t feel alone.

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